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Meet Dr. Kevin Crane

Dr. Kevin

Practices at Forest City Clinic

Dr. Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Excelsior University. He attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina where he graduated in September of 2019. He practiced in South Carolina for 3 years before joining our team in January of 2024.

Dr. Kevin is skilled in many chiropractic techniques such as Gonstead, Diversified, and Thompson Drop Table. He pursued Chiropractic after suffering from chronic migraines for several years. After several adjustments, Dr. Kevin knew he needed to become a chiropractor so that he could impact the lives of those he adjusts.

Outside of the Office

Outside of the office, Dr. Kevin spends much of his free time with his two children, Logan (11) and Lena (9), as well as their dog, a Shih Tzu named Max. He is also an avid Pickleball player, and can be found on the various courts near his home in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.

Dr. Kevin Crane | (828) 245-0202