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Reviews for Carolina Chiropractic Plus

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Carolina Chiropractic Plus patient testimonials below.

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Wonderful Place

Wonderful place! The Doctor was such a lovely lady who was very attentive to my concerns. The young lady who did my cervical decompression was awesome! I am super excited to continue my journey here and get back to feeling 100% again. This place is truly over the top with all they offer and the knowledge that these great employees have. Thank you!

– Patricia P.

Feels Like Home

Feels like home. Dr Callie and the staff welcome you with open arms. I had not been in a couple of years due to finances and surgery. Dr. Callie remembered I had a hearing loss and made sure she was looking at me when she spoke to me. I feel like I am back home. Thank you all so much for all you do! I could not ask for a better more trusted family!

– Carrie F.

Kind and Very Professional

Everyone here, so helpful, thoughtful, considerate, and kind and very professional. They treated me like family. If I need any kind of chiropractic work or even other elements that doctors are not sure about you come here because they can help you. They help me. God bless them all

– Gary S.

I’m extremely grateful

I first visited Carolina Chiro Plus a few years ago, when my health had deteriorated to the point that I was experiencing many severe and distressing symptoms and was unable to function normally. In the back of my mind I felt sure I needed chiropractic care. The x-ray showed that I have scoliosis, positioned right behind several of my vital organs that were unwell, which to my mind explained a lot of my health problems. So I went ahead with everything Dr. Sarah and her staff recommended, including frequent adjustments, nutritional analysis and supplements, therapy for my back and neck, and daily stretching. My recovery was really quick and complete; within a year, my health was recovered even beyond what I had been living with for the past ten or fifteen years. So it was a no-brainer that I continue with regular monthly visits! I knew if I didn’t, I would slowly slide back into health problems again. Since that time, I have continued to see a slow but constant healing in multiple ways: improved posture, relief for joints overstrained by bad posture, healed digestion and more energy, better flexibility, better sleep, reduced anxiety, less pain and stiffness in my back and neck, and many more blessings of wellness that I either never had before or thought were gone forever (I’m 45, suffering from health problems since my early 20’s).

Once my healing was underway, I started bringing my children for regular chiropractic adjustments. I can’t recommend this enough for parents who want to give their children the best opportunity for growing a healthy body. Because their bodies are growing (in a sense, constantly “recreating”), a 5-minute adjustment every month has huge benefits. Not only does it speed healing, and help prevent minor injuries and structural imbalances in little bodies from getting “stuck” and leading to much bigger problems later; in my experience, it allows my children’s immune systems to function so powerfully and effectively, as God designed them, that we have rarely had a need to use even over-the-counter drugs to treat normal childhood illnesses. So it’s clear to me that chiropractic care is a truly necessary addition to the good nutrition, plentiful sleep, fresh air and exercise that I strive to provide my children for their good health. I’m extremely grateful to Dr. Sarah for giving that care. She is so gentle with little ones; I wouldn’t hesitate to trust her with any child of mine—even a newborn.

Finally, I have to express my appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Sarah’s real care and concern for us. She is a true friend of our family, because she takes a real interest in us and our wellbeing. Her dedication to healing is a tangible blessing for us. Everyone looks forward to our monthly visits, not just because we’ll all feel better, but because she and all the lovely staff are warm, cheerful and kind. I think she makes many people’s day with her loving words and hugs. This atmosphere of warmth and care is the exact opposite of what I’ve experienced in sterile, anxiety-haunted allopathic doctors’ offices.

Surely Carolina Chiropractic is what true, humane healthcare should look like going forward: well-trained, knowledgeable practitioners who use technology when needed but also heal intuitively, with their hands; who treat us holistically and with respect as marvelously designed human individuals, not reducing us to case numbers or broken machines; who provide us with the means to achieve real physical healing, which directly impacts our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing; who lift up our hearts (and speed our healing!) precisely because they work with an attitude of hope, and the expectation of improvement from our bodies’ immense healing potential. I’m extremely grateful for this extraordinarily effective and pleasant health-building care for myself or my family. Thank you, Dr. Sarah and everyone at CCP, and God bless you abundantly.

Note of gratitude

Dear Dr. Sarah,

Here finally is the review/note of gratitude I’ve been meaning to write you for so long. I don’t use Google, so I can’t leave a review there. But you have my permission to use any or all of this review however you like. I hope it inspires many people to take advantage of your care! May God pour out blessings on you, your family, and everyone at CCP.

Love and prayers,
in Christ,

– Amanda D.

I Have a Feeling They Will Become My Family

I was late and THEY apologized for making me wait. There was no need to apologize, I was the one that was late! The staff is so very helpful and I met briefly with Dr. Sarah and will meet with her again to discuss a treatment plan. I went in with my back in spasm and walked out with no spasm. I’m glad I’m going back this morning as the pain returned because I overdid it by getting groceries and cooking, totally my fault. I felt so much better, I thought it would be fine. I did follow their instructions for sleeping and using ice on my back and those definitely helped. I have a feeling they will become like a family.

– Celia W.

Great Practice

I was very pleased. The staff are very accommodating. I was seen due to injury at football practice – I didn’t have an appointment but I was seen promptly and treated. I will continue to go there. I also have had ongoing back stiffness, which was also treated. I will tell all my friends about this great practice and the staff dedicated to patients.

– Andrew M.

Impressive Staff

You have a very impressive staff and facilities. It’s very obvious that your staff is very well trained and your office systems run very efficiently and effectively. Overall it’s a great environment to be in.

– Pat P.

Melissa Is A Very Important Team Member

From my point of view, Melissa is a very important Team Member in your Organization at Forest City. I think she is great. I was most likely difficult to deal with during my first visit and she turned what could have been a negative situation into a positive one for me (and I appreciate it). Also, it can’t be easy to manage people that are in pain and maintain a positive environment. I must say “Hats Off” to your TEAM each time I’ve been there I’ve witnessed it. I also appreciate your Morning Meeting. Though I’m not aware of the details I appreciate your attempt to communicate and start the day off right.

– Ralph S.

Service With a Smile

I have been very pleased and grateful for everyone who has helped me be pain free. I did not meet or interact with anyone who did not show concern or interest in my well being. And everyone I met gave service with a smile. A big plus in my opinion.

– Judy R.

Very Professional

Everyone is very professional and I appreciate them taking their time with me as they try and get me back to normal.

– Dawn L.

Can’t Say Enough Good Things!

Everyone I came in contact with was very professional and kind. I was educated about the process and had a thorough assessment. I could not be happier with my service. I wish every place ran as smooth as this one. I can’t say enough good things!

– Becki M.

I’m Feeling Great!

Before treatments, I could not get out of bed in the mornings and could not stand for long periods of time. Following treatments, I’m feeling great, fantastic and my back is wonderful. Very seldom do I have any back pain.

– Marian H.

Numbness Gone!

In the past 10 plus years I have had 4 major back surgeries with 2 just last year, 1 in March, 1 in June. The Dr thought I had a bad infection around my disc, so back to surgery for a disc aspiration and bone biopsy not once, but twice, within one week of each other. To say the least I have zero faith in that surgeon. I came across an ad on Facebook and thought I’d call. I fully believe in Chiropractic procedures; I’ve had a few. I had numbness down my leg and foot again (of course my surgeon says we have to go back to surgery)… Yeah NOT happening!!!

So I called in and in the past 2 or 3 weeks I have been receiving treatments with Dr. Drew & Dr. Sal and all the ladies. I have to say that the numbness is almost gone, I am walking a lot better, I can actually go up a small flight of stairs normally, & my lower back is getting stronger with every treatment. This morning my neck felt out of place and I had a headache. Dr. Drew paid special attention to that as well as my other issues. I can’t thank him enough.

I truly feel better than I have in months… and to me that means the world. I can’t say enough about the Dr’s and their staff!! Thank you so very very much for giving ME back!!!

– Angi G.

Changed My LIfe

Before I came to Carolina Chiropractic Plus, I had terrible pain in my neck and shoulders. After just one adjustment & one treatment with the Laser (Therapy), I felt amazing improvement. Over about a two-week period the pain got progressively better, until it was completely gone. I highly recommend Carolina Chiropractic Plus if you are experiencing, neck or shoulder pain. Changed my life!

– Sarah K.

They Made Me Feel So Loved

I was referred to Carolina Chiropractic Plus by my sister. I was having such severe pain in my right knee. This went on for several weeks. I could not sleep at night due to the intense pain. I realized I needed help when I found myself having crying spells during the day because I could not stand for more than 5 minutes without having pain. I came to CCP a painful, nervous wreck.

As soon as I came in, the staff made me feel so loved. I started to cry as I was talking about my complaints and the doctor hugged me. They performed x-rays and thoroughly examined me. They assured me that they would help me feel better. I came in using a cane. By the middle of December, I stopped using my cane. The whole staff rejoiced with me! By the 1st week of January, I was not crying anymore.

I thank God for the doctor and her fine staff. I would recommend and I have recommended Carolina Chiropractic Plus, to everyone because I feel they really care about their patients. The whole staff here is so caring and they are very patient with me and everyone else in their care.

I Love them all!

– Nancy C.

The Pain is Gone!

Before treatment I could not put very much weight on my left leg. I could not walk or stand for long periods of time, and had tremendous pain in my lower back and down left leg. Since having treatments, the pain is gone! I can walk and put weight on my left leg. I would highly recommend it, and have told friends about my results.

– Monte T.

No More Knee Pain!

My name is Amelia Scala, from Forest City, North Carolina and my friends referred me to Carolina Chiropractic Plus. When I think back two years ago to when I first started coming in to the office for my right knee pain, I was in excruciating pain and the pain was affecting every aspect of my life.

I can say now how grateful I am that I asked Dr. Sarah about the Red Light Laser Treatment while I was getting adjusted one day. She offered me a free trial of the treatment and after I was done getting the treatment I was amazed that I walked out of the office with no pain, no leg locking up with I walked and no more worrying “when will it happen again”. I kept with the frequency of one or twice a week for a while and now I am down to once or twice a month.

It is a blessing how this machine works and heals from the inside out. No more pain pills that only made me tired, no more stopping in my tracks to get the knee bones back in place with tears streaming down my face in pain. No more doctors saying; “You’re just too young to have surgery, just take medication to to give you time to heal.” Cortisone injections were not working either.

I am so glad I found this treatment and I recommend this treatment to anyone from injuries to arthritis. It is worth a try and believe me it works! For some everything is short term, but it sure beats surgery and the cost!

– Amelia S.


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