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Carolinas Weight Loss Institute in Forest City

Caroline Weight Loss LogoIs your scale refusing to budge? If you’ve tried seemingly every diet under the sun without success, we want to help you shed those stubborn pounds with our chiropractic weight loss program: the Carolinas Weight Loss Institute program that was developed by Dr Lidia Adkins, DC, a functional medicine practitioner.

Dr. Sarah has experienced excellent results, having lost 65 pounds on the program. We particularly like this program as it’s not a cookie-cutter approach to weight loss.

We don’t believe in using the same product on everyone expecting to get the same results.

Benefits of the Program

  • Lose up to a pound a day
  • All-natural weight loss formula
  • Can take current medications while on the plan
  • Customized, eating and supplement-based plan

The Process

During your free consultation with Dr. Sarah, she will find out what your goals are for the weight loss program. We’ve seen patients who just want to lose a small amount of weight, such as five pounds, to those who want to lose over 100 pounds.

After receiving your information, Dr. Sarah will put together a personalized plan and present it to you. She will be available to answer any questions you have about your personalized plan. Depending on the tools Dr. Sarah will use for your plan, she will be able to tell you the cost and the different payment options available to you.


Start Today

Lose weight and start feeling great with the Carolinas Weight Loss Institute program! Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment with Dr. Sarah.


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